This workshop concerns the open spaces belonging to or adjacent to Sapienza - University of ROMA.

Rome is the first city in Europe by extension of green areas (over 86,000 hectares of protected areas, of which 28 million square meters of historic parks), but has an inefficient system of connections and environmental structures.

The University of Sapienza, with its 129,500 students, is the largest university in Europe and is an urban structure that extends into the surrounding neighborhoods of the campus - San Lorenzo and Nomentano; it also extends to many other parts of the city, such as the historic center and the Flaminio, Grottarossa and Pietralata district.

Therefore, Sapienza - University of Rome, is attended by a large number of people (students, professors, administrative staff, visitors) and is an interesting case study to think about possible transformations in the urban area to encourage an healthy lifestyle and a goog quality of open spaces.