Mobility session

The human body and the city are subjected to stress determined by uncorrected lifestyles. Although many cities have signed the Kyoto Protocol, climate and environmental conditions have not improved in most metropolitan areas and traffic is among the main causes.

To stay healthy we have to do physical activity while to improve the conditions of environmental pollution and traffic congestion we have to focus on public transport and soft mobility; it is clear that the two things are connected and that the "city as a cure and care of the city" can solve many of the problems of contemporary society.We must treat the city if we want to treat man.

Pedestrianism is in the first place among the necessary transformations. Studying the international context, the research project identifies in Rome some strategies that facilitate and encourage healthy life. The pilot project starts from the areas of Sapienza University that is structured throughout the city, to identify a program of urban regeneration based on the recognition of the qualitative relationship between physical movement of the person, psychophysical and environmental well-being. more